At the harbourside we provide the following:

  • Information and advice on mental health and wellbeing
  • Support (in the community and online)
  • Access to free counseling
  • Assistance to help access statutory and voluntary sector services
  • Physical as well as mental wellbeing health checks
  • Opportunities to meet up with the local fishing community

We organise reunion and wellbeing events throughout the year.

Keep up to date with new events via social media.

SeaFit Programme

The SeaFit Programme was set up because it was identified that Fishermen find it difficult to make and keep pre-booked health appointments. They cant plan for time off because the weather, tides and fish locations often dictate when they need to be out at sea. If they are not at sea, they are not earning a living.   This coupled with fishermen traditionally being expected to be strong and resilient and men being less likely to seek out medical support, means health appointments are …

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Fishermen putting away their nets

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